Franz&René presents the city of Freiburg in a different way

The city of Freiburg commissioned the agency Franz&René to present their city in all its facets in an unconventional way.

#NoFilter, #NoMakeUp, #NoSugar, #NoFake - authenticity is currently on everyone's lips. In this sense, Franz&René emphasizes authentic and transparent images "all natural" in the new presentation film for the city of Freiburg. The concept allows to show Freiburg from its best side. From the point of view of the people who visit the city. 70 one-second moments in original sound follow each other and take the viewers on a rhythmic journey. The message: Freiburg has a lot to offer. You can do and see everything in this versatile city. Simply. Everything.

A special context

For the realization, Franz&René turned to the Fribourg film production company Take Off Productions, which has a large archive of images shot in Fribourg. Together with the ad-hoc scenes and those shot in compliance with the hygiene regulations in force at the time, the archive footage fits into the concept of "seconds shots" and thus makes it possible to illustrate the lively facets of the city.

The film was presented on Tuesday at Freiburg's Rex cinema to an audience consisting of Freiburg's political, tourist and economic players. It will be broadcast over the next few months of the "post-pandemic" phase on the city's social networks, on public transport and at events.

Responsible at the city of Freiburg: Alexandre Brodard (Communication Officer), David Stulz (Town Clerk), Thierry Steiert (Mayor). Responsible at Franz&René: Valérie Pecalvel (Strategic Direction), Luciano Gerber (Client Service Direction), Tatiana Python (Consultant), Yoann Cosson (Creative Direction), Gianluca Terzini (Art Director), Sven Jungo (Graphic Designer, Production Manager). Production: Take Off Productions (film production), Thomas Stahel (sound design).

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