Contexta launches new brand campaign for Appenzeller

While the recipe for its taste remains a secret, the recipe for the success of Appenzeller advertising is an open secret: a bank, three silent Alpine dairymen and Appenzeller Schalk. In Contexta's current campaign, three more icons make their appearance.

Uwe Ochsenknecht has tried. German tourists equipped with the best hiking equipment and a lot of persuasion have tried. For almost two decades. In vain. The three Appenzell alpine dairymen in their red jackets in the beautiful Appenzellerland do not reveal the cheese secret.

Now three new personalities are taking on the almost impossible task: Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin and Sherlock Holmes. They throw themselves into the fray. Will they manage to elicit the cheese secret from the strong-willed guardians? The answer can be seen in the current TV campaign for Appenzeller from Contexta.

The cross-media campaign went on air on Monday on TV and web TV, on posters and also social media in Switzerland and Germany.

Responsible at SO Appenzeller cheese: Rudolf Hegg (Head of Sales Promotion and Marketing), Raphael Koller (Project Manager Online Marketing). Responsible Lead Agency: Contexta. Production: Stories; Director: Flurin Giger, DoP: Silvan Giger, Music: Adrian Frutiger & Maurizio Bergmann, Sound Design/Mix: TonstudioZ, Colorist: Yves Roy Vallaster, Executive Producer: Yves Bollag. Line Producer: Karl Sigudarson, Post-Production Supervisor: Chenyi Yu. Media: Mediasschneider Bern.

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