Kind regards for Swiss Olympic and Migros Fitness: Young people prove their strength

"Be all kinds of strong": In a courageous campaign, Swiss Olympic's "cool and clean" prevention programme in collaboration with Migros Fitness is addressing a young target group. Physical training is good, but training mental and social skills is just as important. The implementation was done by Freundliche Grüsse.

Six videos and six key visuals are at the heart of the motivational communication. The aim is to promote the life and health skills of young people. The "Be all kinds of strong" campaign will be played out as part of the "cool and clean" prevention programme and is expected to be repeated over several years. The campaign is backed by Swiss Olympic as the umbrella organisation of Swiss sport and Migros Fitness as the official partner. Through this cooperation, the out-of-home campaign will soon be seen in all Migros Fitness branches.

After a selection process, the agency Freundliche Grüsse was commissioned with the implementation. The Zurich-based agency enlisted the help of young director and photographer Burak Erinmez. His visual language is intended to authentically reflect the target group's attitude to life and reach young people at eye level. The campaign will also be played out on the Facebook and Instagram channels of "cool and clean" and Migros. Links are provided to the landing page Coolandclean.chwhich presents ten life skills based on concrete examples from the lives of young people and suggests tips on how to strengthen them. A competition at the beginning of the campaign is intended to ensure further involvement.

Responsible at Swiss Olympic/ "cool and clean": Marc Schumacher, Franziska Wehrle, Adrian von Allmen (overall responsibility); Daria Bohli, Dunja Anken (project management); Nina Heyder, Annina Krähenbühl, Colin Cuvit (website); Cristina Cinieri (translations); Gian-Carlo Schmid (partner). Responsible at Migros Fitness: Marcus Schwedhelm (overall responsibility), Andreas Cadisch (project management), Jennifer Rathgeb (website & translations). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor (overall responsibility), Norihito Iida, Mara Schwegler (art direction), Remo Wyss (graphics), Phillip Gloyer (text/concept), Bernhard Brungs (text), Jasmine Segginger, Sarah Winker (consulting). Film and photo production: Tasty Pictures; Lea Fee (Producer), Burak Erinmez (Director and Photographer), Moritz Reinhart (Cinematographer).

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