Swisscom launches new "Ready" marketing campaign

Swisscom's current marketing campaign celebrates social diversity in Switzerland and shows how the telecoms provider is ready to meet all needs.

Moving to the country? Entertainment from the sofa? Not interested in technology? Taking responsibility for the next generation or simply partying? The needs and life situations of Swisscom customers are as varied as they are different. The telecoms provider wants to enable everyone in the country to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the networked world.

Or to put it another way: Swisscom is ready so that its customers are too. The new campaign is therefore intended to demonstrate with self-confidence that Swisscom plays a central role in the daily lives of its customers - and assumes this responsibility. "The campaign is also intended to show that we are moving with the times and are continuously developing. We have therefore deliberately taken a somewhat fresher, more dynamic and also a little bolder approach in the campaign," explains Christoph Timm, Head of Marketing Communications at Swisscom.

A broad communication mix is used; the emotional anchor point is the 122-second long spot.

The campaign was largely created internally. For the image and film production, a co-creation with Stories was created, which ranged from conception to implementation.

Idea and conception: Swisscom, Stories. Film: Flurin and Silvan Giger (Director), Pascal Walder (DoP), Nicole Spring, Florian Nussbaumer (Producer). Digital: 316tn, Jung von Matt, TLGG. Text: Simon Kümin. Imagery: Swisscom, Johannes Diboky, Pascal Walder. Media:  Capture Media, Hoy, Mediaschneider, TLGG. Production: Branch & Fischer, Setaprint.

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