Bühler&Bühler shares great emotions for Blue

Bühler&Bühler communicated Swisscom's entertainment world, newly united under "Blue", in dialogue marketing. The lead agency thus reached around 3.5 million people via letterboxes, mail inboxes and directly in the TV menu.


The new naming of Swisscom TV brought with it many opportunities and tasks. Existing customers had to be informed and new ones acquired. The heart of the acquisition was a mailing sent by post to around 500,000 households. The agency conceived a story for this, which was to make customers and their environment ready for great emotions. Following the adage "Joy shared is joy doubled", recipients were able to invite their loved ones to the "Blue" experience via a set of postcards.

"Great emotions are a promise that is only true with touch. With the Blue admission tickets, we have created something to touch that moves," explains Doris Bühler, Creative Director at Bühler&Bühler.


Responsible at Swisscom: Franziska Reusser (Interaction Marketing Manager); Stefan Hollinger (Interaction Marketing Manager); Alexander Möckli (Head of Campaigning). Responsible at Bühler&Bühler: Doris Bühler (Creative Director); Raffaela von Gunten (Senior Consultant); Laura Gaggioli (Project Leader); Rebecca Knobel (Text & New Media Producer); Salvatore Viola (Junior Art Director); Sarah Loosman (Designer); Lea Fontana (Designer).

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