Swiss Life and Jeff analyse self-determination types

Swiss Life Switzerland and Jeff launch a digital image campaign around the topic of self-determination. The centerpiece is a personality test to determine one's own self-determination type.


Self-determination has different faces. For some, it means getting everything under one roof, for others it is nothing other than independence. Still others associate it with more time, more spontaneity or more flexibility. For Swiss Life, self-determination means helping people to lead a self-determined life - and advising them individually and entirely according to their personal needs.


Self-test with scientific legitimacy

The new campaign by Swiss Lift and Jeff does not merely highlight the diversity of self-determination, but directly addresses the very individual understanding of it. The centerpiece is the self-determination type test developed especially for Swiss Life. The Hamburg agency Sturm und Drang provided the research basis to make the test development possible. Ethnographic interviews were used to identify self-determination types, which can be determined on the basis of short, intuitive questions. Four types are distinguished: Sovereignty Preserver, Initiative Seizer, Opportunity Taster, and Interest Balancer.

"The visual test was developed together with Joixes, a start-up founded by ETH graduates," says Melanie Gujan, Head of Marketing Communication at Swiss Life Switzerland. They found that personal taste says a lot about a person's type, behavior and way of doing things. Tailored to the ethnographic data, this simple self-determination type test was thus created.


Broad online presence and testimonials

The overall campaign relies on a broad online presence with emotional images and video sequences in ten different motifs. In order to sharpen the concept of "self-determination," real people were portrayed in short videos, each representing a self-determination type and with their personal stories additionally emotionalize the campaign as testimonials.


Responsible at Swiss Life: The Swiss Life teams. Concept, creation, production and overall project management: Jeff Zurich. Other partners: Sturm und Drang (Foresights and Behavioral Research), Dan Cermak (Photographer and Director), Alex Herzog (Cinematography), Sebahat Film + Foto (Film + Photo Production), Joixes (Technical Basis Type Test), Thekitchenagency (Frontend Development Type Test).

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