Stuiq wants to make people rethink with Mobility

Following the repositioning of the Swiss pioneer and market leader in car sharing, which was also developed by the Zurich agency Stuiq, the image campaign is now being launched throughout Switzerland on all channels.

In addition to a flexible range of services and the cooperative's sustainable basic orientation, the modern, urban lifestyle is the third pillar of the brand positioning and a decisive factor for the unique Mobility feeling. The campaign conveys the emotional and independent "way of life" and also aims to appeal to a younger audience. No longer owning, but sharing and uncomplicated use. More reduction of complexity, more freedom. That is the style! With its campaign, STUIQ is focusing on this megatrend, which is particularly strong among Millennials and Generation Z. Against the backdrop of an affluent society in which there is too much of everything - especially cars.


"For me, the message is. Let go the essence of everything," says Lars Kläger, Chief Commercial Officer at Mobility, "there's probably no clearer way to express what Mobility stands for in two words. Combined with the core arguments for the added value of sharing, we want to appeal to both the heart and the brain. That's how we think we can show the timeless relevance of our services to all target groups."

The orchestrated campaign builds on the design and image concept newly developed by Stuiq. With unusual perspectives and staging, the tone of a self-confident, enlightened and modern society is struck. The car is no longer the focus of communication, but the person, the benefit and his feeling about it.


Responsible at Mobility: Lars Kläger (CCO), Philipp Augenstein (Project Manager Marketing), Astrid Schmidli (Product Manager), Daniel Rohrer (Product Manager). Responsible at Stuiq: Sandro Walder (overall direction), Anna Kindlimann, Stefan Moeschlin (creative direction), Lea Baldinger (art direction), Flurina Decasper (text), Corsin Kessler, Adrian Gasser (graphics), Michael Döös (motion design), Samuel Ribeiro do Couto (film), Benjamin Kocher (digital direction), Daniela Schaefle (consulting). Photo/Film: Lukas Maeder.

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