Pro Juventute's pop-up agency works at full speed

The nine young creatives who are realizing the new campaign for Pro Juventute's counseling service are currently implementing their image concepts at the shootings.


Rod Kommunikation is like an anthill at the moment. In addition to the day-to-day business at Bürglistrasse, young people and their models are realizing the new poster campaign for Pro Juventute, more precisely for its free counseling service ( reported).

In doing so, they implement seven themes or topic areas that the consultants are often confronted with in their everyday work - bullying, fear of the future, depression, family disputes, the first time, crisis and fear, conflicts in the partnership.

The shoots take place under high time pressure, as the pictures and videos have to be completed by the end of the week. The young photographers, filmmakers and their models are passionate and passionate about what they do and amaze with their creativity and inventiveness.



Bernhard Bürki, Head of Communications and Marketing at Pro Juventute: "We are thrilled by how quickly and how creatively the participants of the pop-up agency turned our briefing from last Saturday morning into convincing image and film concepts. They are really doing an exceptional job here!"

Marco Meroni, Rod Communication, in a statement: "We are really excited by the creative potential of the young creatives, by their passion but also by the speed at which they submit. They think and work like professionals. We are convinced that a great campaign is being created here right now."

The campaign for will be launched on March 30.

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