Been There, Done That: Thjnk implements social wall for Edelweiss at Zurich Airport

For almost three years now, Thjnk Zurich and Edelweiss have been promoting the airline's variety of destinations with the claim "Been there. Done that. Now Edelweiss passengers are also part of the campaign.


In the promotion, Thjnk is merging social media with physical billboard advertising: Instagram posts featuring a beautiful holiday picture from one of the 70 Edelweiss destinations and tagged with the hashtags #flyedelweiss and #DoneThat2019 will be printed out and hung as a small poster on the 125-metre-long passageway wall between car park P6 and Terminal 1.

Over a period of several months, new holiday pictures of real holidaymakers will be posted every two weeks on the wall, which is heavily frequented by travellers and shopping tourists alike, and the creators of the pictures will automatically become digital Edelweiss advertising ambassadors in their own social channels through the hashtags. Long-haul flights will be raffled off among the participants who make their pictures available.

New posters on the relevant destinations will be added to the notice board on an ongoing basis throughout the year.


Responsible at EdelweissBernd Bauer (Chief Executive Officer); Patrick Heymann (Chief Commercial Officer); Marco Brütsch (Head of Brand Management & Marketing Communications); Monika Blaser (Marketing Communications). Responsible at Thjnk ZurichAlexander Jaggy (Managing Director Creation); Adrian Merz, Samuel Wicki (Creative Direction), Kim Eisenberg, Hilko Wiegmann (Graphics/DTP), Andrea Bison (Managing Director Consulting), Marie Vuilleumier, Manuela Kaeslin (Consulting), Calvin Kröhne (Digital Direction), Gordon Nemitz (Managing Director Strategy). Responsible at Territory Webguerillas: Kerstin Kremer (Instagram curation).

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