Notch launches electrifying campaign for CKW

Notch Interactive has launched a campaign for Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke CKW to draw attention to the energy company's comprehensive product portfolio.


CKW has been supplying the population of the canton of Lucerne with electricity for 125 years. However, the company's expertise also includes products and services in the areas of smart energy, building technology, energy optimisation and fibre-optic networks. However, a large proportion of CKW's target group still perceives the company exclusively as an electricity supplier.

Under the motto "More than electricity", the Zurich agency Notch Interactive has therefore created a campaign that artfully dramatises the variety of products and services. Cable artworks, which Notch Interactive created in collaboration with London CGI artist Simon Danaher, serve as eye-catchers. 

The starting point of the four visuals is always a socket with a power cable. The power cable symbolically represents the CKW products and services "e-charging stations", "solar systems", "alarm systems" and "heat pumps" and ends in a light source. In this way, a bridge is built from the origins of the energy company to its new products and services.

From the end of August, the campaign subjects will be played out on various online and offline channels in both the B2C and B2B sectors in line with the target groups.

Responsible at CKW: Raphael Müller (Graphic Designer); Martin Waldau (Manager Digital Marketing); Josef Schumacher (Head of Content Marketing); Carolin Versteeg (Head of Marketing and Communication); Team Marketing and Communication. Responsible for Notch: Sascha Fanetti (Creative Director); Kelsang Gope (Copywriter); Nina Martens (Senior Art Director); Simon Danaher (CGI-Artist); Yvonne Wiedemar, Charlotte Hottinger (Consulting); Peter van der Touw (Overall responsibility). Responsible at MediaSchneiderMalte Haenel (Senior Consultant); Bryan Montero (Junior Consultant Digital); Carolin Jünger (Consulting Group Leader Classic); Janine Nussbaumer (Consulting Group Leader Digital).

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