Electrolux and Wirz Activation Celebrate "Indulgence for All Senses

For the launch of the Millennium range, which was developed in Switzerland and has already won the IF Gold Design Award, Electrolux had a TV and web campaign produced for its kitchen appliances with a total of eleven films.


Wirz Activation, which has already worked for the company in the past in display advertising and performance marketing, is responsible for the idea. The content of all the spots revolves around the artful combination of unique design and intuitive functionality, which is staged in the films with highly aesthetic images as a treat for all the senses.

"Food and everything to do with cooking is staged very emotionally today; kitchens and especially kitchen appliances, however, are usually technical and cool. And yet the appliances are extremely sensual. We really succeeded in making this sensuality tangible in the spots for our award-winning range," says Roland Bienz, Marketing Director at Electrolux.

"Of course, our kitchen appliances look fantastic. But what makes them so special, despite all their high quality, is above all their empathetic technology. I am very happy that we were able to bring this combination to life in the commercials," says Sebastian Hupe, Senior Experience & Activation Manager at Electrolux, who is also convinced by the film concept.

The spots can currently be seen on high-reach stations in Switzerland and on the Internet.

Responsible at Electrolux: Roland Bienz (Marketing Director); Sebastian Hupe (Senior Experience & Activation Manager); Barbara Wittmann (Senior Brand Manager). Responsible at Wirz Activation: Stefan Dätwyler (Creative Director); Sebahat Derdiyok (Agency Producer) Anna-Lea Michael, Senior Consultant Jörg Bewersdorff, CEO. Responsible at EQAL: Martin Schmidt, Director; Daniel Trenkle, DoP; Peter Scherz, Art Department; Laurent Overmans, Food Styling; Miroslav Gal, VFX; Glenn Breda, Editing EQAL; Lea Rindlisbacher, Producer; Annette Hofmann, Production Manager; Christos Dervenis, Production Manager; Jennifer Vogel, Production Assistant; Gian-Paul Lozza, Photographer; Massive Music Amsterdam, Music Compositions.

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