Leo Burnett Switzerland creates feel-good minimalism for new Rivella Refresh

Less of everything, but still happy. The launch campaign created by Leo Burnett for the new, less sweet Rivella shows how to shed ballast without sacrificing fun.


With Rivella Refresh, Rivella is launching a light alternative to the popular Original Rivella Red. With 40 percent less sugar but no artificial sweeteners, it is the drink for anyone who wants a light, less sweet thirst quencher for everyday or leisure activities.


As one of the most important product innovations in the volume market, Rivella Refresh is to receive widespread attention through a campaign developed by Leo Burnett Switzerland. The core idea: sometimes you need less than you think. For example, you don't always need sunshine to enjoy the summer. Or action to feel active. On the contrary: doing without supposedly indispensable things can open up new perspectives and provide a fresh, light attitude to life. With the pay-off "Less sweet. Still Rivella.", the emotional approach always makes a concrete contribution to the product benefit. The integrated campaign can be seen throughout Switzerland in April and May.


Responsible at Rivella: Thomas Warring (Head of Marketing), Daniel Strobel (Head of Brand Management), Lisa Schürmann (Brand Manager). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Axel Eckstein (Executive Creative Director), Christoff Strukamp, Mathieu Chollet (Concept/Art Direction), Dominik Mätzener, Ramon Alder (Consulting), Suzana Kovacevic (Agency Producer), Prodigious (Image Editing); Markenfilm (Film Production), Sandro Rados (Director), Jingle Jungle (Sound Studio), Tobias Gromatzki (Photography).

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