"Yummy Power" for Emmi

Erdmannpeisker created a 360-degree campaign for Emmi Energy Milk.


For 20 years, it has been impossible to imagine Swiss chiller cabinets without Emmi Energy Milk. The classic range was expanded in 2016 with Emmi Energy Milk High Protein. With their proteins, vitamins and low carbohydrates, the drinks in four flavors are intended to appeal to young, sports-minded men who maintain an active lifestyle and for whom healthy body awareness is important. In this environment, the awareness of Emmi Energy Milk High Protein as an enjoyable power drink should be consolidated.


Erdmannpeisker developed a 360-degree campaign for this. In three different spots, the training world of athletes is interrupted with a little Twinkle-in-the-Eye: An off-screen voice guides us through our workout with martial expressions and suddenly mentions that a protein drink can also be a treat. "Yummy Power" - the perfect combination of taste and muscle building.

In addition to the online presence of the three spots, the campaign can also be seen on posters, ads, and on social media and influencer communities. In addition, the product samplings in train stations are supported by special films on e-panels and e-boards. The campaign's common home base is the microsite, designed and implemented by campfire. The digital agency from Biel is responsible for year-round content production on Facebook and Instagram and, in addition to the digital concept, is also responsible for the digital promotion of Emmi Energy Milk High Protein.


Responsible at Emmi: Thomas Heller (Marketing Manager), Jolanda Kammermann (Marketing Manager Drinkables), Mirjam Muri and Martina Müller (Brand Management). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (Creative Director), Patrick Fawer (Art Director), Thomas Zulauf (Consulting). Responsible at Campfire: Damian Kunz (consulting), Dirk Unger (creative director), Julia Fehér (concept and text), Andreas Rüst (screen design and digital moving image), Thomas Wüthrich (technical lead and backend development), Noémie Viatte (frontend development and HTML5 banner). Responsible at Markenfilm: Uli Scheper (production), Elisha Smith-Leverock (director), Tanja Häring (camera). Influencer management by: Kingfluencers. Media planning by: MediaCom.

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