Comparis campaign by ViznerBorel goes into the second round

The Swiss Internet comparison service is continuing its successful campaign created by ViznerBorel just in time for this year's health insurance change season.


The Zurich agency ViznerBorel is once again implementing a loud campaign in green with the aim of increasing the number of visitors to the website and at the same time increasing the use of the services. In addition, the campaign consolidates the positioning of as the best-known Internet comparison service in Switzerland.

After ViznerBorel already established the claim "My best decision" last year to expand the No. 1 positioning of, the 360° communication campaign will be seamlessly continued this year. The various online and offline measures come in an independent and, above all, unmistakably bright green. Whether it's health insurance or car insurance: once again, cheeky and pithy slogans encourage people to compare and profit. The slogans are borrowed from everyday language and represent the verbal "fists in the bag" of the consumers. The Comparis campaign can currently be seen on posters and on the Internet.

Responsible at Ergin Iyilikci (CCO) Frank Mickeler (Head of Marketing), Sandro Mauchle (Digital Marketing Manager), Dominic Stöcklin (Head of Social Media). Responsible agency: ViznerBorel.

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