Carefree enjoyment with Zürcher Kantonalbank and The House

The House is responsible for the creation, realization and media planning of the current financial advice campaign. Sujets were developed for the topics of retirement, pensions, taxes and inheritance.


No matter what material desires we have for the future, they are basically based on the desire for lightheartedness. In the current financial advice campaign for the Zürcher Kantonalbank, The House makes this visible.

The corresponding subjects show people enjoying their lives as carefree as children. This conveys a certain carefree attitude that a consultation at Zürcher Kantonalbank lends. The House has developed photo and moving image subjects for various media for both the print and online communication of Zürcher Kantonalbank, conveying the financial advice topics of retirement, pensions, taxes and inheritance.

ZKB_Finanzberater_Plakat_Vorsorge_quer Kopie
ZKB_Finanzberater_Plakat_Pensionierung_quer Kopie
ZKB_Finanzberater_Plakat_Erbe_quer Kopie

In addition to the campaign creation, The House is responsible for the complete media strategy and planning of the multichannel campaign. In addition to display on reach and affinity titles with various advertising formats such as Fireplace XL, Wideboards & Billboards, branded content placements on NZZ and Beobachter were also used. The online campaign was rounded off with social media activities on LinkedIn. In parallel, half- and full-page ads were placed in various print titles such as NZZ, Sonntagszeitung, Tagesanzeiger, Bilanz or in special interest titles such as Seesicht or Kunsthaus Zürich. To lend the necessary weight to regionality, The House relied specifically on poster placements in the canton of Zurich and ePanels at locations such as the main train station, Stadelhofen station, and Winterthur station.

"The campaign once again demonstrates how synergies between creative and media can be optimally exploited when both are done from a single source," says Stephan Suter, Head of Media and Partners at The House. "In this campaign, it was essential that the right subject was targeted in the right place."

Responsible at Zürcher Kantonalbank: Annina Krauer (Project Manager Advertising & Design), Michelle Mehr (Junior Art Director), Lukas Markwalder (Project Manager Marketing). Responsible at The House: Grischa Rubinick (Executive Creative Director), Patrick Meyer (Creative Director Copy), Carolin Widemann (Art Director), Stephan Suter (Media Director), Verena Hofmann (Senior Media Consultant), Luzian Storrer (Senior Media Consultant), Nadine Vasella (Senior Consulting), Nico Podgorny (Director Consulting). Photo and Film: Jonathan Heyer. Production: All In Production, image editing: AschmannKlauser.

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