Sunrise and TBWA\Zurich present the tennis ball Dennis

Sunrise advertises the new offers with a new testimonial: Dennis the tennis ball. The campaign for this comes from TBWA\Zurich.


After the classic Sunrise brand campaigns with Roger Federer, Sunrise is now also going on the offensive with promotions. Dennis, the tennis ball, will from now on always appear where the best offer from Sunrise is. TBWA\Zurich positioned the character as a new Sunrise employee and staged him for various offers.

Dennis first gained notoriety in the Sunrise movie, where he was stranded on a desert island with Roger Federer. Now Dennis forms the spinoff to the promotion platform and thanks to the yellow sidekick, the current campaign seamlessly follows on from the last one.

Dennis makes his first big solo appearance in the current June campaign, in which he gives away iPads. As Casanova, Dennis also promotes the offer in the "Bachelorette" format, and to publicize the roaming data packages, he was put in a vacation outfit. But that's just the beginning: Dennis is being consistently built up as a character by TBWA\Zurich and in the future he will be used not only for promotions but also for major events.

The campaign consists of TV, billboards, print, online advertising, POS, onsite placements, newsletters, and social media. As brand ambassador, Roger Federer of course remains Sunrise's number 1.

Client: Sunrise. Responsible agency: TBWA\Switzerland. Film production: Stories. 3D Animation: Dominique Piccinato. Media agency: Mediatonic. Media Services: RTK Media Technology.

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