Farner enters into partnership with Clever Connect

Farner is further expanding the topic of employer branding and, to this end, is entering into a partnership with Clever Connect, a specialist in SaaS-based recruiting solutions.

From left: Paul Henschel, Tanja Passow, Daniel Heller, Selim Heni, Carl Hoffmann, Tobias Welzel. Image: Farner.

Farner is taking a further step in employer branding - with a strategic collaboration with the global SaaS-based recruiting solutions company Clever Connect. The current challenges for employers are greater than ever, says Farner, and the complexity around attracting the best talent is increasing. A decisive factor for a positive employer brand experience is the candidate experience - i.e. the entirety of the experience of the applicant, at all points of contact, with the potential new employer.

Clever Connect's Candidate Experience Platform helps recruiting teams digitize their processes - for a better candidate experience at every stage of the applicant journey. Companies can engage more active and passive candidates, build relationships with them, and identify the best through a combination of human and artificial intelligence to connect companies with candidates and enable them to achieve their recruiting goals.


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