Thjnk Zurich and Process in Lürzer's Archive

The Thjnk campaigns for Bio Suisse and Pro Infirmis make it into the August issue of Lürzer's Archive magazine. Process also finds four of its own subjects in the magazine.


Lürzer's Archive presents international highlights from advertising every two months. Now two works by Thjnk Zurich have made it into issue 4/2018. One is the print campaign "Alles hängt irgendwie zusammen" for Bio Suisse, which shows that consumption is directly linked to organic farming and the environment. Bud products were cleverly combined with representatives of the animal world. The illustrations of native animals and insects were specially made by a Swiss expert in Scientific Visualization.


On the other hand, the much acclaimed work "Everyone is equal. No one is more equal" for Pro Infirmis:

In the 100-second film, 13 protagonists with various disabilities are shown struggling with the little annoyances of everyday life. Scenes in which everyone, without exception, can recognize themselves.

Process also makes it into the magazine

Four posters by the Process agency also made it into the latest issue of the renowned magazine. "The Fine Art of Drinking" is the campaign slogan for the Ticino winery Al Mulinetto. To do justice to this, Process came up with something special: the agency gave young Swiss artists and typographers the opportunity to design the subjects for the posters. The poster series will be presented at Grafik 18 next fall.


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