Decorate with Dr. Oetker

The Dr. Oetker Dekor Game, conceived and realized by the Responsive agency, is offering attractive prizes for the second time this year.


After numerous participants have already diligently guessed the decor ingredients of the pictured baked goods in spring, the Online Game carried out with the successful game mechanism in winter design.

The fan community of the Dr. Oetker Dekor Trends Game is growing all the time. With each new game, more and more participants join in, making it easy for them to learn about the wide variety of Dekor products. The object of the game is to guess the decor ingredients of the various baked goods as quickly as possible.


The promotion concept was developed and realized from A to Z by Responsive. It convinced not only the customer Dr. Oetker, but also the price partners. With the necessary intuition, the agency was also able to put together an attractive prize package in the fall that fits the target group. This fall, participants can win attractive vouchers for tailor-made jeans from Selfnation and for purchases from coop@home every week, provided they are among the first ten places. All participants will also be entered into a draw for a dream trip to Australia. The total package is worth over 17,000 Swiss francs. Past promotions have shown that the weekly awarding of prizes with the ranking list encourages participants to play again and again. After all, they want to improve.

The game center developed by Responsive is used for every competition. This way, previous participants can easily be activated and the participant data for the final reporting is thus comprehensively available. In addition to the statistical data, the winner letters, among other things, are also printed automatically. This minimizes the effort of sending out prizes as much as possible.


Responsible at Dr. Oetker: Helen Yildirim (Product Manager), Patrizia Mauro (Product Manager). Responsible at Responsive: Tuan Nguyen and Patrik Marty (both Managing Partners).

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