Fashionweek forever

Fashionweek lasts all year round in Sihlcity. Leo Burnett has implemented this statement as a subject for posters, advertisements and online.


It's Fashion Week again: For seven days, Sihlcity is all about fashion. You can watch designers at work, take part in the Fashion Factory or experience the latest autumn/winter collections. But strictly speaking, Fashionweek never ends. Because in the Sihlcity shops, over 80 fashion labels are constantly on offer. Leo Burnett has implemented this as a subject, which is used on posters, in advertisements and online.


Responsible at Sihlcity: Corine Gubler (Head of Marketing); Corinne Wiederkehr (Marketing Specialist). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Barbara Hartmann, Anna Leudolph (creation); David Fischer (CD); Martin Stulz (ECD); Christoph Schwarz, Michela Iseli (consulting): Suzana Kovacevic, Erasmo Palomba (art buying); Alexander Gnädinger (photography and image editing).

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