New Joiz campaign: #BePart #BeLoud #BeYou

Joiz is giving itself a new look and putting its presenters more centre stage. Topics rather than shows are now being communicated; on the new website and in the current advertising campaign.

In doing so, the presenters are specifically linked to the core topics of Joiz: News - Social - Music - Lifestyle! The new slogan #BePart #BeLoud #BeYou is intended to create a connection between Joiz and the community. #BePart à At Joiz you can have your say, join in the discussion and become part of the community.


#BeLoud àWe are loud and crazy! The community should celebrate with us. #BeYou àWe are unfiltered and meet the community at eye level. We are ourselves - be yourself too!

The hashtags are also used to create a connection to the presenters. For example, Daniel Fanslau, host of the music show "Living Room" and keyboard player for Yokko, embodies the hashtag #BeLoud and thus connects the topic of music with the hashtag.


Sarah Christen, host of the lifestyle show "Must Have," on the other hand, is all about the hashtag #BeYou, challenging the community to be themselves.


The look of the campaign is intended to appeal not only to Generation Z, but also increasingly to Generation Y. The designs are clean and simple. The designs are kept clean and simple. Print, online and social media advertising materials were developed for this purpose. The Joiz studios were furnished in the same look, new advertising banners and broadcast packaging were designed and two VBZ trams were dressed.


Responsible at Joiz: Jessica Do Amparo (Head of Marketing), Lea Huber (Marketing Manager), Petra Stolberg (Creative Director), Sabrina Kuhlmann-Bokelmann (Graphic and Motion Design). Responsible at Statement: Philipp Brunner (Strategy), Roger Gebert (Strategy).

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