Over-motivated and strategic - Top 10 keywords in user profiles

LinkedIn has published the top 10 most overused buzzwords in user profiles and concludes: everyone wants to be highly motivated and strategic. Also, exclusively here: "LinkedIn Most Engaged Marketers 2015."

Users often use the same terms to describe themselves in career networks. A recent list from LinkedIn confirms this: both in Switzerland and internationally, "leadership quality" is one of the most frequently used buzzwords. But if you want to be remembered, you should stand out from the crowd. However, if you look at the self-descriptions of many professionals in career networks, you read the same thing on many profiles: they all have leadership qualities, think strategically, are motivated, and of course creative - or at least want to be. Based on its more than 400 million user profiles worldwide, the business network LinkedIn has now determined the top 10 most-used keywords in Germany and globally in 2015.


The top 10 most used keywords in Switzerland The international top 10 most used keywords
  1. strategic
  2. Leadership skills
  3. Success story
  4. motivated
  5. Passion
  6. expertly
  7. International experience
  8. creative
  9. successful
  10. dynamic
  1. Leadership skills
  2. motivated
  3. creative
  4. Passion
  5. strategic
  6. successful
  7. dedicated
  8. dedicated
  9. extensive experience
  10. Success story


Differences in occupational groups

When evaluating the LinkedIn buzzwords, subtle differences between individual occupational groups stood out: Marketing experts and sales specialists always work strategically, while HR specialists have particularly strong leadership qualities. Students, on the other hand, prefer to describe themselves as "passionate". But it's not just the Swiss who use these terms to describe themselves. On average worldwide, most users claim to have leadership qualities. The attributes of motivation and creativity also rank highly globally.


To present a good image of yourself online, Alexandra Kolleth, Member of the Executive Board Germany, Austria, Switzerland, advises: "A strong online profile is very important in today's job market. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up to date. You should add a photo, list your expertise in detail, as well as map your professional career. On LinkedIn, a user's contacts can also attest to the skills they attribute to themselves. So if you have the opportunity to get a public recommendation on LinkedIn, you should take advantage of it. Nothing provides more credibility than third-party confirmation, and a meaningful profile increases the likelihood of ranking high in search engine rankings."

Most engaged marketers

LinkedIn also compiles an annual list of "most engaged marketers" based on a number of metrics, such as the number of connections you have, how often you interact with other users on the platform, membership of groups, etcetera. Alexandra Kolleth, Member of the Executive Board Germany, Austria, Switzerland, on LinkedIn's Most Engaged Marketer Ranking: "Marketers in Switzerland see tremendous value in building their own network, being provided with high-quality content, and keeping up to date with what industry peers are liking, discussing and sharing. In the DACH region, over seven million members are already taking advantage of the opportunities and benefits LinkedIn offers them as a platform to network with other professionals and executives. We are particularly pleased to be able to showcase marketers from a wide range of industries in the latest ranking." (uma)

The Top 5 Most Engaged Marketers 2015 in Switzerland are:

1)      Andreas Tölke, Head of Content Mgmt., Social Media & Communities Digital Private Banking (VP) / Innovation / Finance / Digital Native at Credit Suisse
2)      Patrick Zanello, Sales Director DOOH at Goldbach Media (Switzerland) AG
3)      Alicia Montoya, Vice President, New & Social Media at Swiss Re
4)      Riccardo RossiDigital Marketing, Social Media and Brand Manager at Mondelez International
5)      Ernesto Izquierdo, Conseiller en communication digitale · Réseaux sociaux d'entreprise · Social Media & RH bei International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC

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