Stress, Vincenz, Affentranger & Maschmeyer: Authentic Brand Management

The Swiss Brand Congress 2015 on June 18, 2015, announces the program and focuses on "brand personalities". In the evening, Werbewoche will award the title "Advertiser of the Year 2015.

Rapper Stress has set out to do no less than change the world in the current "Road to blue" campaign for Volkswagen. Pierin Vincenz (CEO Raiffeisen Group) takes stock of his brand management. Anton Affentranger (CEO Implenia) and Carsten Maschmeyer make the brand a "matter for the boss" on June 18, 2015 at The Dolder Grand Zurich. More than 400 (brand) decision-makers and managers will benefit from conceptual examples and food for thought at the "place to be" of the Swiss brand world. In eight expert forums, successful Swiss brands such as UBS, Migros, Camille Bloch, Appenzeller, Ragusa, Zimmerli, Zurich, Swiss Eco Tap, Schenker Storen and many more will provide insights into current best cases. will provide insights into current best cases.

Following the Swiss Brand Congress, this year again the "Advertiser of the Year The "Swiss Academy of Marketing Science Award" and the "Rigour & Relevance Award" were presented for the second time.

Authenticity hype in brand management

In the process of its repositioning, the cult brand Ragusa relies on an "authentic" brand ambassador in the form of skiing ace Lara Gut. SO Appenzeller cheese combines "real," traditional craftsmanship with good advertising. Authenticity is more important than ever. Merely "bumping into" the customer as a "friend" (quote Matthias von Bechtolsheim at the Swiss Brand Congress 2014) is hardly a successful strategy in the long term.What are success factors for brands to be perceived as "authentic"? For whom is this relevant? Prof. Dr. Felicitas Morhart, University of Lausanne, provides the latest insights into the authenticity hype in brand management on June 18, 2015 at The Dolder Grand Zurich.

"Advertiser of the Year 2015

For more than 35 years, Werbewoche has awarded the "Werber des Jahres" (Advertiser of the Year) trophy to the "Werbewoche Egon" (Advertiser of the Year) elected by subscribers. A jury of former "Advertisers of the Year" nominates three candidates. Subsequently, the nominees are presented in alphabetical order in the Advertising Week. Voting is opened by means of a voting card sent to Werbewoche subscribers. A new name can be added to the voting card. The only condition is: The title "Advertiser of the Year" should be given to the person who has made a name for himself in advertising in the year of voting or who has attracted positive attention through special achievements in the advertising industry. As usual, you can read all about the award ceremony in advance in Werbewoche and at

Program of the Swiss Brand Congress 2015 (PDF)

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