Pinkup: Summer campaign for TCS Schutzbrief

Risk does not make a vacation - even then, small and large incidents can occur. In time for the summer vacations, TCS members receive mail created by Pinkup recommending them to take out the TCS ETI protection policy.

If you prepare well for a trip, you are always prepared for minor injuries: TCS sends out a red folder in travel pharmacy look as the main mailing. It is printed with a practical precautionary checklist and contains a product brochure. Just as important as the first-aid kit is the TCS ETI protection letter. It protects you in the event of major or minor incidents such as illness, accidents, breakdowns, etc., and at the same time gives you a piece of home in your luggage. This is because the assistance provided to TCS ETI Schutzbrief holders always complies with Swiss quality standards - a reassuring message. This message is conveyed by Swiss-look sticking plasters. They are the eye-catcher in the key visual, which is used both for the main mailing and for the pre-announcement self-mailer. And because TCS likes to offer its members added value, the Swiss cross sticking plasters can be ordered as a set.


Responsible at TCS: Marius Fink (Marketing Project Manager). Responsible at Pinkup: Nicole Chervet (CD/text), Vital.i Tcherednitchenko (AD), Daniela Bohli (consulting), Michèle Krüsi (graphics)

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