JvM/Limmat: Migros pastes on other people's posters

The Migros receipt campaign by Jung von Matt/Limmat goes into the next round: In the unconventional "poster tagging" campaign, other people's campaigns are pasted over.

A media cooperation with Ringier already caused a stir in the past few days: The checkout slip adorned various front pages and was thus able to establish itself throughout Switzerland overnight. And just as unusually, it is now entering the second phase of the launch, as the agency announced on Sunday.

Since Saturday, there have been checkout slips on other people's billboard campaigns in various Swiss cities. For example, there are carrots for the Fielmann model, the right car care for Opel and body care advice for the Hornbach man. In total, the sales slips can be found on six different campaigns.

Responsible at Migros: Marc Engelhard (Head of Marketing Communications), Roman Reichelt (Head of Umbrella Brand), Chris Steinacker (Project Manager Market Development). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Alexander Jaggy (Executive Creative Director), Samuel Christ (Creative Direction), Mateo Sacchetti (Text), Daniel Serrano (Art Direction), Lukas Frischknecht (Graphics), Fabian Röthlisberger, Christian Brütsch (Consulting), Roland Thomann, Philipp Bühler (Public Relations), Pepe Kägi, Barbara Häne (Production).


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