Heads promotes "Züri like new"

"Fix my street" is the name of the initiative that in cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Manchester or Dublin ensures that the population can quickly point out deficiencies in their streets to the public utilities. This initiative has now also arrived in the city of Limmat as part of eZürich.

Except that for beautiful Zurich, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." That is why Heads has found a more appropriate name for the initiative: "Zurich like new". And with a poster campaign, the agency wants to draw attention to the new offer. That even the almost perfect city can still improve is shown by the suggestions of the population, according to the press release: 92 messages in the first weeks.

The initiative is being coordinated as a pilot project for one year by the city's Geomatics + Surveying department.

Responsible at City of Zurich - Geomatics + Surveying: Christian Gees (City of Zurich), Lukas Handschin (Grün Stadt Zürich). Responsible at Heads Corporate Communication BSW: Marco Simonetti (Creative Director), Pablo Burkhalter (Graphics), Ralph Hermann, Nadia Francioso (Consulting).

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