SFLB: Online banner for Ovomaltine realised

Since the beginning of the year, Ovomaltine has been advertising again with the slogan "You can't do better with Ovomaltine. But longer." The current advertising on TV and other measures have now been joined by an implementation on the web.

For the launch of the new Ovomaltine Flakes, SFLB Banner that are supposed to show: Obviously, even the person writing the banner texts can't really do any better thanks to Ovaltine. The campaign is flanked by Facebook ads.

Responsible at Wander: Beatrice Frei (Head of Marketing, overall responsibility), Bettina Marthaler (Marketing Manager Snack & Beverage), Sandra Stirnemann (Brand Manager Ovomaltine). Responsible at SFLB: Pablo Schencke, Johannes Raggio, Peter
Brönnimann (creation), Fiona Gottwald, Michael Gassler (consulting), Taywa Gmbh: Roman Abt (realisation).


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