Head of the week: "The ideal partnership between providers and agents"

Urs Renner of The Media Edge is the new president of the electronic media interest group IGEM.

Urs Renner of The Media Edge is the new president of the electronic media interest group IGEMHead of the Week
"The ideal partnership between vendors and agents".
Everyone is really sitting at the same table here. That's why I've been very involved with IGEM right from the start," says Urs Renner, newly elected president of the electronic media interest group. And he adds: "I've never been in an association that has achieved so much in two years.
With the managing director of The Media Edge, the internationally active media subsidiary of Advico Young & Rubicam, a representative of an agency was elected to the top of this new organisation for the first time at the last IGEM general meeting. The association, which was founded in 1998 around IP-Multimedia and Cinecom, now has 27 members and has also welcomed Publisuisse as its most important member. "For me, IGEM is exemplary in Switzerland because it represents a partnership between all relevant providers and many media agencies. In this way, you can illuminate the problems from both sides," says Renner and hopes that this advantage could motivate even more "big players" to join in the near future.
The media planner considers the introduction of the MediaOptimizer to improve TV planning tools to be one of the most significant IGEM successes to date. "Now the benefits of this tool are being optimised in close cooperation with Publisuisse." His overriding goal, however: "The research activities of all the individual providers should be taken in hand across the board."
Urs Renner is convinced that you can get more substantial performance out of the medium of television with the same money through professional purchasing. For him, this performance is clearly measurable, as daily checks of all desired audience figures are delivered. "Today, it no longer means taking a risk to place advertising on new channels," he says. And he is committed to promoting his association's products: "TV is quite blatantly a numbers medium, because there is complete transparency here."
That working with media can be very exciting was already clear to Renner shortly after his commercial diploma. His career has been "quite atypical for advertisers". And also atypical, he says, is the fact that he stayed at the same workplace, Advico Young & Rubicam, for 30 years. "As long as there is so much going on around me and I can still influence certain movements myself, I don't necessarily have to keep moving myself," he says. And finally, his short commute to work (Dübendorf-Gockhausen) also has something to do with quality of life, says the father of two teenagers.
Andreas Panzeri
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