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WerbeWoche correspondent Christophe Büchi has filled in the "Röstigraben".

WerbeWoche correspondent Christophe Büchi has filled in the "Röstigraben "Faring veteran spouses, some see the end of the relationship coming, while others see only a temporary disgruntlement. This is how the French-speaking correspondent of WerbeWoche, Christophe Büchi, characterizes the relationship between German and French-speaking Switzerland in his book on the subject of the "Röstigraben". Büchi, a cultural border crosser, has always been interested in the relations between the two parts of the country. As a writing observer of his French-speaking habitat for various German-language media - and thus a quasi-professional "Röstigrabologist" - it has become clear to him over time "that the answer cannot be summed up in a few short lines or even in a few palatable headlines".
The book discusses the historical development of the cultural divide, today's divergences in European policy and the problems of the French-speaking Swiss with the predominance of the economic decision-making centres in Zurich. Conversely, Christophe Büchi notes a lack of interest among the German-speaking Swiss in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, which many only know from visits to the Motor Show or wine tours.
In his œuvre, Christoph Büchi shows with many illuminating quotations - from Gottfried Keller to the NZZ - that the relationship between the two parts of the country was and is marked by changeable phases: once united in solidarity, then again divided in mistrust. For Büchi, what is remarkable is not that there is tension, but that there has not been more tension.
The author passed his Matura examinations in Gossau, then studied philosophy and political science in Fribourg and Lausanne. Büchi was an assistant at the University of Lausanne and was awarded the Prix Jean Dumur at the Geneva Book Salon in 1996. Andreas Panzeri
Christophe Büchi, "Röstigraben" - Das Verhältnis zwischen deutscher und französischer Schweiz. History and Perspectives". Verlag der Neuen Zürcher Zeitung, 336 pages, ISBN 3-85823-812-0
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