m&k issue 8/2011

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MAIN STORY There is still a lot of potential in physical mailings In marketing for all the senses, the "inner" value of the letter comes into its own anew. PREVIEW SuisseEMEX'11 offers highlights in congress and marketing worlds The 5th edition of EMEX'11 is characterized by (r)evolution. EVENT Power shift through social media in Switzerland EFFICIENCY Achieve more measurable effects with resources ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS SMC Swiss Marketing


SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING "Organic Ranking brings up to 30 percent store turnover The importance of professional online marketing is becoming increasingly important. SURVEY Battle for top positions on the net ONLINE MARKETING Google AdWords 2011: a multichannel challenge


TEXT SERVICES "Companies find our idea good and sympathetic". The etextera agency was founded in 2010. MK spoke with Ruth Hardegger-Wickli. STATE OF THE ART Be remembered longer by the customer for sure Successful safety campaign by Basler Versicherungen. LIVE COMMUNICATION Congress and seminar providers present emotionality ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Promoswiss Swiss Direct Marketing Association


RADIO "Stations are interchangeable, only strong brands survive Energy has long been more than just a radio station. Managing director Dani Büchi has advertising etc. produced under the label. RADIO MARKETING Fast, inexpensive and particularly credible FREE MEDIA Free Newspapers Successfully Hold Their Own in the Print Market SUPER-WG EASTERN SWITZERLAND "In rural areas, you have to act and be more digital" Eastern Switzerland is an economic area with a "special case". ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Advertising Client Association


LEAD Those who do not motivate employees cannot lead In a competitive environment, isolated expertise is by no means enough to succeed. Good managers must be able to lead employees to top performance. FURTHER TRAINING SuisseEMEX also distinguishes itself as an educational institution There is a rich program with speakers from business and universities. CHANGE MANAGEMENT Successful leadership runs through change processes Why do change management projects often go wrong? What are the reasons for failure? ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising


Swiss Contact Day  "Call centers live by talking" Unique Selling Proposition as customer service


8/11 Cover photo: RDV,Berneck
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