m&k issue 3-4/2024

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Big Picture

  • Morality versus capital: Pulitzer Prize winner Prof. Steven Pearlstein: Success and fairness are not mutually exclusive.
  • In the eternal in-between: Does economic power condition social responsibility? A philosophical exploration.


  • The last bastion: When things get dirty, stars call Ben Brafman: A conversation about power, media and morality.
  • Inspiration knows no boundaries: When isolationism becomes a political trend, agencies must intervene.
  • Stability despite change: renewing traditional brands without compromising their core? We show you how.
  • There's more to it: digital signage has enormous potential for innovation - as our best cases prove.
  • "It's the brand, stupid!": Four perspectives on the anchor of every company: the brand.


  • About someone who set out ... to change the world: The story of philanthropist and inventor Mick Ebeling.
  • Top tool or expensive toy? Apple's Vision Pro is set to revolutionize spatial computing. The chances are good.
  • Ten years of disruption: TBWA\Global CEO Troy Ruhanen on his anniversary and the power of creativity.


  • Master im Talk: The dictator interview: Essay on a media genre with a future.
  • ... and they still read! Younger target groups are lost to print media? The facts look different.
  • This is how popular connected TV is: a DACH study demonstrates: Digital television is on the rise.

La Suisse

  • All good things ... come in fours: Advertiser of the Year: Andrea Bison from Thjnk takes home the "Egon".
  • To new shores: Trusted Board Advisors: The big plans of Aloys Hirzel and Dr. Nicolas Ziegler.
  • Specialist knowledge from A to Z: WEMF explains the most important acronyms from the marketing and communications industry.
  • "The core remains the same": Link becomes YouGov Switzerland - and continues to focus on excellent market research.


  • "No is not an option": A portrait of ADC Germany President Dörte Spengler-Ahrens.
  • This is where Austria meets: The "4GAMECHANGERS" festival enters a new round: These are the highlights.
  • The founder of meaning: Gerald Schömbs is not only a well-known PR professional - he also loves to help.


  • Contributions from our partners
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