m&k issue 1-2/2024

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Big Picture

  • The fragmented world; How Nobel Prize winner A. Michael Spence wants to overcome the crises of the present.
  • Can I still hope? Pessimism is the trend. Is hope becoming a naive quality ... or more important than ever?
  • Let's give freedom of thought! Why the company of the future doesn't need silos, but a "pool of ideas".


  • Madame Whiskey; Fawn Weaver saved the honor of a slave - and created a bourbon empire along the way.
  • Truly "green" advertising? OOH advertising discovers sustainability as a new USP. Does this match the facts?
  • The Trojan horse; A study shows: If vegan products are creatively labeled, they sell better.


  • Hype or added value: where artificial intelligence enhances human creativity - and what it can't do
  • How original can advertising be? In times of hard KPIs and data
  • Fetishism still room for big ideas?


  • The cracks are getting deeper; ex-Condé Nast boss Moritz von Laffert on media and democracy.
  • Witness of Time; Norma Percy is the BBC's documentary grande dame. Her recipe for success? Patience.
  • News and games; Wordle, Connections & Co.: The "New York Times" is expanding its games portfolio. Why?


  • Sharing the flame ... and not the burn-out: job sharing is arriving at C-level - and that's a good thing.
  • Is "New Work" dead? Work psychologist, coach and sought-after columnist: a portrait of Nicole Kopp.

La Suisse

  • The m&k creative ranking: These agencies are the creative spearheads of the Swiss advertising industry.
  • Men cost extra! That's why ADC Switzerland is calling for more women in creative management positions.
  • WEMF Intermedia Comparison: Which media channels achieve the strongest impact in Switzerland? The WEMF clarifies.


  • The team players: Frank-Peter Lortz and Christoph Pietsch on the development of Publicis in the DACH region.
  • A political start to the year: The GWA New Year's reception in Hamburg becomes a plea for defensive democracy.
  • Rethinking networks: David Rost and his Myty Group are conquering Europe. How does the entrepreneur achieve this?


  • Association community: The latest news from the control centers of our partner associations.
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