m&k issue 4/2013

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TITLE STORY Creative masterpiece - reduced to the essentials The genie from Appenzell is still the same. The story of the company's 111th anniversary. RETAIL MARKETING The most important trend in retail is convergence CONSUMER PROMOTION "The positive experience of a product is crucial" INTERIOR DESIGN What can be grasped at a glance sells better ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Franchise Association Swiss Marketing


E-MAIL MARKETING Great potential for greater efficiency and effectiveness NEWSLETTER Three motifs that keep the newsletter reader on the edge of his seat E-COMMERCE How can smaller web stores hold their own against giants? WEB-TV Unimagined possibilities


STATE OF THE ART The eBook Corner of Orell Füssli Buchhandlung AG MOVING PICTURE AT THE POS To attract customers, videos are used more often POS COMMUNICATION Trend at the point of sale with a personalized approach CREATIVE ADVERTISING MEDIA What makes tote bags the ideal promotional product? POINT OF SALE Promotion at POS ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising Swiss Dialog Marketing Association


WORLD WEEK "What's important to me is long-term credibility". Weltwoche turns 80: Interview with editor-in-chief and publisher Roger Köppel. MA LEADER 2013 20 Minutes gains in importance The latest MA Leader 2013 shows the reading behavior of executives MEMBERSHIP MEDIA Member press transports the values of a brand How have member media positioned themselves and what is their strategy? ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Advertising Client Association


SALE Savvy sales professionals are a life insurance policy Markets are becoming more dynamic, successful customer approaches are becoming more specific. Sales professionals without further training are quickly overwhelmed. Offers are already spreading. SALES INTERVIEW "Customers are not 'loyudoof'" Interview with Roland Gerber, Head of School, MBSZ, about today's top salespeople and what makes them tick. EDUCATION AND TRAINING Professional Master instead of Higher Professional Examination with Federal Diploma On the one hand, the dual education system is praised, but on the other hand, the titles of the degrees are not internationally comprehensible enough.


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4/13 Cover photo: clicdesign ag, Bern
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