m&k issue 11/2014

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TITLE STORY Brand management is a matter for the boss - even during rebranding Thurgauer Kantonalbank wanted to differentiate itself and launched a rebranding project. The new appearance of TKB is something to be proud of.URBAN MEDIA Urban Media - the digital face of the city Ursula Stalder, professor at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, is a specialist in outdoor advertising and shaped the field with her research work.ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss MarketingSwiss Franchise Association


STATE OF THE ART The not quite serious truth of the siren test Animation company Elefant Studios reveals the secret of the annual siren test.DIGITAL OUT OF HOME More flexible, comprehensive and focused advertisingDIGITAL SIGNAGE Screen communication evolves from monologue to dialogueASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS PromoswissSwiss advertising


PROFESSIONAL AND SPECIAL MEDIA "Exclusive content should not be accessible for free"Q-AWARD Fritz+Fränzi: with quality, courage and consistency to successMULTICHANNEL Social media communication is hardly ever networked with printEXTERNAL ADVERTISEMENT "The Medium with the GreatestAcceptance" Outdoor advertising is part of our lives. It moves with us. Marketers show how posters and the like work and what the future holds.ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS SWA


EDUCATION OFFERS 2015 News from the education front Next year, several new continuing education programs will follow. The providers Swiss Marketing Institute, Marketingakademie KV Luzern, Institut für Betriebsökonomie and Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz present a selection.EDUCATION & CAREER How much theory does it take to succeed on the job? "Learning by doing" or "moving by learning"? - Which method is better? This question is not so easy to answer.INQUIRED Putting qualifications at the center Rolf Butz, Managing Director KV Zurich, in an interview


E-COMMERCE "It's not only the price that counts, but also the convenience". An interview with e-business expert Ralf Wölfle from the FHNW.ONLINE BRANDING Websites to the pointE-LOGISTICS Presence on any channel, delivery at any time


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11/14 Cover photo: clicdesign ag, Bern
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