m&k issue 10/2012

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TITLE STORY Not a single advertising franc, but surprising stories There were 120 nominees for the "Annual Marketing Foundation Award", but Freitag lab. ag won thanks to its success. INTERVIEW "There is a fundamentally honest philosophy behind Freitag". Pascal Dulex, Brand Manager of Freitag, talks about the company story, CI and brand management. CONSUMER GOODS MARKETING Balancing act between local and global demands ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing Swiss Franchise Association


ONLINE ADVERTISING "Targeting the exact audience in milliseconds". The online advertising agency Serranetga makes real time bidding presentable. ONLINE MARKETING Trend in online advertising toward large and special formats SHOPPING What customers expect from B2B e-commerce solutions


WINTER DESTINATIONS Varied offer in winter for corporate events in the snow Whether it's a ski trip, Christmas dinner or year-end banquet - many companies use winter for MICE activities. WINTER EVENTS Events in winter as a framework for corporate events Various organizers offer VIP packages or even backstage tours; the offer is diverse.


ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising Swiss Dialog Marketing Association


ELECTRONIC MEDIA "Pricing is definitely turning into a blind" Stephan Küng, owner of the media agency TWmedia in Basel and IGEM president, talks about new panels and new tools. TV PROGRAMS TV hits: many well-known series and some cool docusoaps What's new on TV for next year? Every year, the new programs are presented at the "screen-up". PROGRAM MEDIA "Tele" expands digital and mobile programming world Axel Springer Switzerland is upgrading its program media. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS SWA


FURTHER EDUCATION Need to catch up in the area of digital + interactive media Graphic artists and designers face international competition: Educational institutions are responding with offerings. INTERVIEW "In dialogue with professional practice - with Maria Glutz". The head of the Vocational School of Design Zurich comments on further education in the field of graphics and design. 600 people attend the school every year. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS SW Swiss advertising SWISS Marketing


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