m&k issue 10/2010

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TITLE STORY Winning the heart of customers with funny damage sketches Mobiliar Insurance, which is anchored in a cooperative, receives the GfM Marketing Award 2010 for its marketing services. EFFECTIVITY Marketing Efficiency - tracking down the success factors 1 WOM-MARKETING Recommendation 2.0: Welcome to the Recommendation Society NEUROMARKETING Impulses from neuroeconomics for brand management ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS SMC Swiss Marketing Swiss Franchise Association


INTERVIEW There's a world of difference between compulsory and freestyle online branding How do you create an attractive brand profile on the web? WEBSITE MARKETING Digital Branding AUCTIONS Flea markets on the web SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook fat


STATE OF THE ART With fan power to the Guinness Book of World Records Within a very short time, the "Alpiq - Power to the Fans" campaign generated a huge response and even received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. AWARD-CC Excellent in the field of corporate communications LIVE COMMUNICATION New dimensions of communication with event technology Event technology is in a state of flux. It is constantly coming up with new technical highlights. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising Swiss Direct Marketing Association


INTERVIEW Publicitas replaces all-media strategy with a multi-channel approach MEDIA APPLICATIONS Apps ensure positive positioning CURRENCY FIGURES Intermediate certification is now possible REBRANDING The new "az" brings advertising even closer to the customer SCREEN-UP In-house productions are recipes for success for TV stations ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTION Swiss Association of Advertisers


IT No prospect of success without further training In the fast-moving IT market, today's applications are already outdated tomorrow. That's why those who stay on the ball have an advantage. All the more so because the free movement of persons is attracting more and more foreign IT specialists to Switzerland. INTERVIEW "The quality of IT education is on the rise" GENDER Communication: One man - one word, one woman - one ... When it comes to communication, women are often superior to men. Why is it so? What can female communication achieve? What conditions must be met for female communication to become a benefit for a company?


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