"A super fancy Creative Room with colorful furniture".

What else doesn't make it into his office - Moritz Adler, Partner and Creative Director of the Bern-based agency Formeldrei, reveals it in our "13 Questions" series.


1. you could swap your smartphone with someone else's for a day. Would you? And if so, with whom?
Yes of course, who wants to join? Simply report ...

2. what would you work for free for one month?
It's hard for me to decide: Either for the Marzili for the whole month of August as a lifeguard or in forestry with a big chainsaw.

3. where and how have you ever bluffed in your life?
I sometimes tell my boys made-up adventure goodnight stories starring me.

4. if you had not become an advertiser, what then?
Photographer. And I'd still like to be that from time to time.

5. a buzz word that gets on your nerves?
The feedback "Like this, but different ..." triggers quite a difusen buzz in me ...

6. what does not come to the office under any circumstances?
A superfancy Creative Room with colorful furniture, jukebox and pinball machine.

7. was there a moment in your life when you thought: Wow. This is awesome. And it's from me!
When I was young I was a fan of Stephan Remmler (Trio). As a graphic artist I was allowed to design his latest solo album (1, 2, 3, 4. ...). I am still proud of that.


8. Do you fall for advertising? When?
I always fall for the fat trailers of the new blockbusters. After the film and at the latest at the happy ending, I'm usually disappointed.

9. what is it impossible for you to do without?
I think at this point I need to write "beer".

10. ever thought about leaving the advertising industry?
Sure, you have to question yourself from time to time. But in the evening it's always: cobbler stick to your last ...

11. which advertising medium do you find abominable?
The foldable cube that pops out of the envelope. Or cheap advertising gadgets that fly straight into the trash.

12. why would you advise or discourage your children to seek a career in advertising/communication?
Neither. I hope my boys find their profession that they love to do. If it is to be this industry, then so be it.

13. when you have an idea, how do you know it is good?
When I look forward to the realization even before the presentation.

Moritz eagle is partner and creative director of the Bernese communication agency Formula Threewhich he co-founded in 2007 with Marco Mesot and Christian Wüthrich and which today has eleven employees. Previously, he was an independent graphic designer at Destruct. He spent his apprenticeship years at Contexta, where he worked for several years as a graphic designer and later as an art director. His years of travel took Moritz Adler as far as Los Angeles. In Hollywood, he designed movie posters for the specialists at Crew Creative. The father of two is responsible for many brand appearances as well as online and offline campaigns of well-known brands such as Parisienne, Red Bull, Toblerone, Publisuisse, Smarties, BLS or the Libero tariff association. He is also passionately involved with clients from the cultural sector, e.g. since 2008 with advertising for the Bern Gurten Festival or with artwork for artists such as Bligg, Florian Ast, the Lovebugs, Zweiraumwohnung, Adrian Stern, Bastian Baker and others..

The "13 Questions" appear both online and in the print edition of Werbewoche.

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