"Inventory Finder" makes Livesystems advertising inventory viewable online

Livesystems has launched the "Inventory Finder". With this tool, customers can search through Livesystems' entire DOOH advertising inventory in just a few clicks.

Inventory FinderAccording to Livesystems, the tool is intended to simplify DOOH media planning, increase the transparency of the overall inventory and, in particular, give customers more independence. This should eliminate time-consuming manual processes and long e-mail runs. 

Further additional functions will be available from the third quarter. As a result, users will be able to filter advertising spaces by region and product, display advertising inventory on the interactive map, display different products separately, save their selections and have an offer generated directly from the planning.  

The tool is being continuously expanded - according to Livesystems, two further releases are planned for this year. For example, it will soon be possible to select and offer predefined networks based on industries and customer groups in the "Inventory Finder". In addition, an intelligent radius search will be available, and the performance values of individual placements as well as the selected selection will be available in just a few clicks.  

"We are especially excited about the last feature - reporting performance values by target group," said Dominic Kropf, Chief Marketing Officer at Livesystems. "Preparing the data is very time and resource intensive. However, we will set a new standard across the industry with the tool. Together with the market research institute Intervista, we are currently working on the exact measurement of advertising performance across the entire inventory."

The performance values are expected to be integrated into the Inventory Finder from the end of the year. The planning tool will be available to all advertising clients and in German, French, Italian and English. 

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