Digital Ad Trust: Improved Visibility Values in the Second Quarter

For the second quarter of 2021, the Digital Ad Trust Report shows improved visibility values as well as low ad fraud and brand safety values. From this edition onwards, the Teads advertising network will also be providing its figures, which should further increase the accuracy of the reported values.

Increase the visibility rate on desktop and mobile

Through targeted optimization, especially of the desktop format Rectangle at several large publishers, the visibility here alone increased from 53.6% to 62.5%. Overall across all formats, visibility increased by two percentage points from 62.8% to 64.8%.

Ad fraud rate (SIVT) remains encouragingly low

According to Digital Ad Trust, the ad fraud rate did not change significantly in the second quarter and remains at a low level in the second measurement in 2021. The gap between mobile and desktop widened slightly at the expense of the latter. The measurement systems now show 0.21% for mobile and 0.82% for desktop.

Low values for fire safety

The brand safety values newly surveyed by IAS remained unchanged at a very low level in the second quarter.

(Source: Digital Ad Trust)
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