New appearance for the Observer

The Beobachter has been published with an updated design and concept since Friday. The magazine retains its principle "Report - Advise - Move," but offers new content in the area of consumption. In addition, the reader:inside guidance has been improved. The structure of the magazine is emphasized by three leading colors.

The cover of the Observer will now have a calmer design and at the same time be eye-catching. The new structure of the magazine is emphasized by three leading colors: white for background stories, green for advice texts and blue for the various engagements of the Observers such as the Prix Courage or SOS Observer and issue-specific campaigns. In the future, too, the Observer contribute to making Switzerland fairer, more equitable and more solidary, according to a statement.

The first magazine section is dedicated to researched stories, which are given more space and rest. In the middle of the Observers are followed by special topics, such as health or living & building. The third section is reserved for advice texts. A prelude page offers quick utility value. The final section is a fresh and more densely structured advice section on law and health. Tips from the consumer world are also offered as a new feature: for example, a warning list that points out the latest scam tricks, and a short checklist that helps avoid legal mistakes.

Four new columns are intended to shed light on life from different perspectives: Michel Huissoud, who as former director of the Swiss Federal Audit Office knows federal politics better than almost anyone else; Lisa Christ, who as a cabaret artist and satirist takes a different look at everyday life; Shqipe Sulejmani, who as a seconda also sees Switzerland from the outside; comedian Karpi criticizes consumerism with "Five Star Karpi".

The first issue of the new Observers was published in a large print run on Friday.

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