20 Minuten lets readers discuss in new audio rooms

Together with the startup Angle Audio, 20 Minuten is launching social audio on its own website and app. Registered readers will be able to participate in online audio conversations and discuss selected topics with each other. The pilot starts on Wednesday.

The social audio wave also hit Switzerland at the beginning of 2021. The voice-based further development of social media allows its users to engage in personal and direct conversations with each other. In contrast to organized online video conferences, these conversation formats, which rely more on the voice than on video, are intended to enable a relaxed conversation in which participants can take part at any time and from anywhere. It's up to everyone to decide whether they just want to listen or actively participate in the discussion.

Over the next few weeks, the news platform 20 minutes In a pilot project, audio rooms on selected topics will be set up and users will be given the opportunity to participate actively or passively in these conversations. Participants can raise their hand digitally via a button if they want to contribute to the conversation. Moderators will lead the online conversations.

With social audio, the exchange among readers, which already starts in the comments column, is to be expanded with personal conversations. The first social audio conversation on 20 minutes takes place on Wednesday at 6 pm will be held on the topic of "Why actually pay bank fees anymore? The conversation will be led by Gabriela Neuhaus and Julius Kirscheneder from Neon.

A more personal touch for the community

Startup Angle Audio has turned a clubhouse-like audio app for group conversations into "social audio as a service" in the summer of 2021. The service is designed to allow companies to embed social audio rooms directly into their own website or app to provide a face-to-face sharing experience for their community.

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