Media organizations call for media rescue

The media are playing an important role in overcoming the Corona crisis, but the economic consequences are hitting the industry hard. Now media organizations, including the media union Syndicom and the professional association Impressum, are calling for a media rescue.

Medienorganisationen rufen zur Rettung der Medien auf

The public and the public at large have never needed reliable information journalism so much, according to a statement issued Thursday. But the coronavirus pandemic is driving the Swiss media industry into one of the worst crises in its history. Advertising revenues are collapsing, and the survival of numerous press titles, local radio and television stations, and journalistic websites is at stake.

The organizations are therefore calling on the Federal Council, Parliament and the cantons to take urgent action. They say action must be taken immediately to support an industry that is essential for direct democracy.

The organizations are calling for an aid fund to make delivery even more affordable and ensure the survival of printers, titles, broadcasters, press agencies, journalistic online platforms and websites. In addition, there needs to be a support fund for research and reporting.

The organizations are basically preaching to the choir. The Council plans to provide additional support for the media. Additional discounts for postal delivery, support for online media and contributions to training and agencies are planned. The Federal Council held out the prospect of a package of measures by next summer. In view of the dramatic slump in advertising, it may then be too late for some media. (SDA)

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