Record numbers at SRF due to coronavirus

The Swiss population's need for information on the coronavirus has brought SRF record figures: Tuesday evening's "Tagesschau" reached 1.35 million viewers. This corresponds to a market share of 69.3 percent.


This means that of all the inhabitants who were sitting in front of the television or any other receiver at the time, just under 70 percent were watching the "Tagesschau". Such figures are usually only achieved by a football World Cup final.

In quiet times, the "Tagesschau" makes about 50 percent market share. The special "Tagesschau spezial" broadcast on Tuesday with further information on the Corona crisis also reached an impressive 960,000 viewers, corresponding to a market share of 49.3 percent.


"Enormous consternation"

TV editor-in-chief Tristan Brenn described these figures as "extraordinary" when asked by the Keystone-SDA news agency on Wednesday. This reflects the enormous need for information and the concern of the people.

SRF is increasingly taking on the old "campfire" function again, even apart from purely informational programmes. Because the majority of the population's everyday life takes place within their own four walls, SRF has adapted its programming accordingly.


"Zäme dihei"

On Saturday evenings, SRF1 will be broadcasting "Zäme dihei". Sofa concerts and broadcasts into people's homes are intended to provide distraction. Children and young people - or rather their parents - are supported by SRF stations in distance learning and leisure activities.

Those who like to watch sports shows will have to be satisfied with less next week. Because there are hardly any events, "Sportaktuell" will be replaced by a much shorter "Sportflash".

Like the other media companies, SRF has also sent most of its employees home to their home offices. So far, this has only had a noticeable impact on programming in eastern Switzerland: at SRF 1 radio, "Regionaljournal Graubünden" will be integrated into "Regionaljournal Ostschweiz" from this week. This will make it possible to continue to fulfil the information mandate. (SDA)

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