Branders implements brand refresh for BEP

Creative Consultancy Branders creates a fresh and contemporary brand identity for the BEP building cooperative, with which its members can identify and which can clearly position the organization in the institutional environment of housing cooperatives.

Out-of-home poster in a fresh and contemporary brand identity

The purpose of the Building Cooperative of the Federal Staff - BEP for short - is to maintain healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable housing for its members. With the redesign of a uniform brand identity, the organization wants to position itself more clearly in the heterogeneous environment of housing cooperatives and offer an identification surface for its members.

The idea of community as a central element of cooperative living is reflected in the design of the new identity, as is the basic idea of "giving space," which is taken up in the arrangement of the letters in the logo and in the playful approach in other applications. The focus on living space and on residents is also reflected in the new imagery, which further supports the brand's identification potential.

A clear typography as well as the reduction of the color palette to the basic colors blue and red as well as black and white underline the simplicity and versatile applicability of the design system for the different users. Besides classic applications such as letterheads, business cards and annual reports, the digital presence of the brand as a versatile information and communication platform is in the foreground.

Thanks to the consistent use of images, colors and typography, BEP's new website presents itself in a uniform and concise manner. The strong contrasts and emotional image content convey a fresh and modern overall impression that differentiates in the market environment and creates a high level of recognition.

Responsible at BEP: Maria Åström (Managing Director), Roland Tanner (Communications). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (CEO, Creative Director & Founder), Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience), Thomas Hausheer (Creative Brand Technologist), Sarah Trendle (Executive Brand Designer), Micha Kumpf (Senior Brand Designer).

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