Evoq and Htp present a sweet Swiss brand landscape

Evoq and Htp St.Gallen are once again launching the excursion map to the Swiss brand landscape and presenting the "Grand Schoggi Tour" on the occasion of the Swiss Brand Congress 2021.

Schweizer Markenlandschaft

Switzerland is a country of brands. And many of them offer something to visit, which is portrayed on the excursion map of the Swiss brand landscape. This year's edition focuses on Switzerland's sweetest brands: on the "Grand Schoggi Tour", exhibitions, worlds of pleasure and gift shops of Swiss chocolate manufacturers attract visitors in all regions of the country.

Visitors are given an insight into state-of-the-art production facilities, move through worlds of chocolate experience or even get hands-on in the production of their own chocolate.

The online platform Brand landscape.ch supplements the excursion map and links directly to their offers. With almost 1000 brands, the portal provides the most comprehensive overview of brands with Swiss origins, including additional information on history or ownership.

The excursion card was again launched in collaboration with Switzerland Tourism. Other sponsors support the initiative, including the chocolate manufacturers Camille Bloch, Läderach, Maestrani and Lindt, as well as Ausflugsziele.ch, the poster company APG/SGA, Distillerie Etter and e-bike manufacturer Flyer. The excursion card can be purchased free of charge at the Switzerland Tourism brochure shop can be obtained.

The inventors and creators of the brand landscape - Evoq communications and Htp St.Gallen - have been regularly publishing news from the Swiss brand landscape for over 10 years.

Responsible at HTP St.Gallen: Stephan Feige. Responsible at Evoq: Christian Sutter. Design: Sara Streule, Saija Sollberger. Programming: Beatrice Burkart. Prepress and printing: Cold print+online.

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