Evoq with brand refresh for Fritschi Swiss Bindings

The Zurich agency Evoq has revised the brand image of the Swiss manufacturer of ski touring bindings Fritschi.

As part of the extensive brand refresh for Fritschi Swiss Bindings, Evoq developed a powerful design system to bring brand and product closer together and create a unique brand experience.

A positioning developed together with Fritschi formed the basis. In a market dominated by international mega-players, the company places the highest value on safety and quality in order to offer ski tourers worldwide a carefree touring experience. Fritschi wants "nothing less" than to create the perfect connection between man and ski. The claim "Expect nothing less" sums up this commitment.

Flexible design system

The brand image sets strong accents for communication. The newly created "Fritschi X-Label" communicates Swiss quality and safe release in the event of a fall. The label thus stands for optimum safety and performance in alpine terrain. It is supplemented by other modular design elements. The result is an image that effectively showcases the messages and enables Fritschi to communicate efficiently and flexibly across all touchpoints.

Responsible for Fritschi Swiss Bindings: Simon Weiler (Head of Marketing). Responsible at the Evoq agency: Adrian Schaffner (mandate management); Susanne Pfäffli (creative direction and text); Markus Wohlhüter (art direction); Martin Bettler (graphics).

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