FS Parker creates new visual identity for screen-up

For the 24th edition on September 14, Screen-Up presents itself in a new look. The rebranding was implemented by the agency FS Parker.

In line with the content of the event, which is organized annually by Admeira and Goldbach Media, the appearance and the logo were created in moving form in accordance with the medium and, building on this, were also implemented statically. The new logo symbolizes a portal into the world of television, showing, as it were, a glimpse into the programs of the future. It aims at the questions "What's up?", "What's next?". The brand typography draws on the history of television and brings these associations into the present day.

Guido Trevisan, CMO Goldbach Group AG: "With more than 800 viewers per year and all relevant TV stations in Switzerland, Screen-Up is the TV industry event in Switzerland. We have always dared to look into the future of television and thus offer orientation for marketing and agency employees. Like Screen-Up, the new logo provides a contemporary framework for the diverse moving image content."

Matthias Fehr, Head of Marketing Communications Admeira AG: "The brand refresh expresses the strengths of the medium TV simply and strongly and shows what screen-up stands for today and tomorrow: entertainment paired with courage, dynamism and fun."

FS Parker is responsible for the new brand identity. "We had a lot of fun completely rethinking the screen-up brand and using a lot of visual firepower to strengthen the event's role as a flagship of the TV industry. The new appearance reflects the portal into the fascinating world of TV," say Hannes Sigrist, Executive Creative Director, and Toni Pihlaja, Art Director.

Responsible at Admeira and Goldbach Media (Switzerland): Matthias Fehr (Head of Marketing Communications, Admeira), Eva Heller (Brand Design & Communication Manager, Admeira), Guido Trevisan (CMO Goldbach Group AG). Vhe responsible at FS Parker: Noelia Blanco and Christoph Schmidt (overall responsibility), Hannes Sigrist-Thompson (Executive Creative Director), Michaela Aerne (Consultant, Project Manager), Toni Pihlaja (Art Director), Marvin Osenda (Graphic Design).

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