Upcycling campaign: Mercedes-Benz turns old megaposters into bags

As part of an upcycling project, Mercedes-Benz Switzerland and Drahtzug are turning decommissioned megaposters into practical shopping bags. A limited number of these will be raffled off to the public from Monday.

Mercedes-Benz is currently working with Drahtzug, a company with a social mission from Zurich, on an upcycling project to make its commitment to sustainability - including in sales and marketing - visible to the outside world.

Upgrading instead of disposal

The focus is on so-called megaposters, which were used as advertising space for Mercedes-Benz in Switzerland in 2023. The six posters with a total surface area of around 830 square meters will not be disposed of, but will be turned into shopping bags by Drahtzug. "With this initiative, we are not only contributing to the responsible use of resources," explains Patrick Bossart, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications at Mercedes-Benz Switzerland. "We are also supporting a partner that makes a valuable contribution to promoting the second job market in Switzerland." Drahtzug cares for and employs people with mental disabilities, thereby supporting their sustainable integration into our society.

Landing page shows location

200 of the limited edition bags will be raffled off on Mercedes-Benz Switzerland's social media channels from Monday. Anyone who gets hold of one of the bags will learn interesting facts about their production and where the megaposter used for this was once in use on the landing page for the project. Mercedes-Benz Switzerland is giving away the majority of the approximately 1000 bags produced to its employees. In future, these will literally carry the company's commitment to sustainability out into the world.

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