Coca-Cola Media Talk: Insights into the business model, sustainability and marketing

Coca-Cola provided a wide range of insights at the Media Talk: from the global business model to Swiss value creation, from sustainability efforts to innovative marketing strategies, a broad spectrum was covered. In a video interview with, Marco Manzo, Senior Marketing Manager Coca-Cola Switzerland, delves deeper into the marketing and advertising aspects.

Vincent Rameau, Country Manager Coca-Cola Switzerland, explained Coca-Cola's three-tier business model, which is based on a global strategy and local value creation. The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, as the owner of the brand rights, produces the beverage concentrate and develops the consumer marketing. Licenses are granted worldwide to bottling companies such as the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, which also operates its own bottling plants as a licensee in Switzerland - along with 28 other countries.

Vincent Rameau, Country Manager Coca-Cola Switzerland, discusses the global Coca-Cola business model. (Pictures: Beat Hürlimann)

Local anchoring of Coca-Cola

One important aspect of the media talk was the emphasis on the Swiss added value of Coca-Cola products. Present in Switzerland since 1936, 80 percent of the products are manufactured here, with 95 percent of the ingredients coming from Swiss suppliers. This local presence not only creates jobs, but also strengthens the company's relationship with the Swiss economy and society.

Rameau on the standing of Coca-Cola in Switzerland.

Coca-Cola's commitment to sustainability

Another key topic was Coca-Cola's commitment to sustainability. Vincent Rameau and Patrick Wittweiler presented the company's efforts to integrate more sustainable practices into various areas. These include the use of 100 percent rPET in the carbonated portfolio, the introduction of Pfizer Labelfree as the first mineral water in Switzerland without a label and the development of new products with a lower sugar content.

Patrick Wittweiler, Country Sustainability Manager at Coca-Cola Switzerland.

Dr. Joachim Stuessi, Director Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, shed light on fascinating aspects of water - from the history of mineral water in Switzerland to current trends. Per capita consumption of mineral water has increased from 65 liters in 1989 to an impressive 103 liters in 2021.

Challenges in the marketing sector

With regard to marketing strategies, Natasja Sommer-Feldbrugge, Director Public Affairs Switzerland Coca-Cola Switzerland, presented the challenges that Coca-Cola faces, particularly in connection with the sugar content in its beverages. The Best Coke Ever?" campaign was introduced in response to the challenge of changing the perception that sugar-free drinks are not as tasty as the original drinks with sugar. Innovation also played an important role, with the announcement of seven new product variants with lower sugar content, especially in the low sugar and zero sugar segments, being highlighted.

Natasja Sommer-Feldbrugge, Director Public Affairs Switzerland Coca-Cola Switzerland.
Clear trend: Coca-Cola Media Talk - Development of light and regular beverages in Switzerland.
Coca-Cola portfolio development - low and zero sugar.

Another major challenge in marketing and advertising is the foreseeable advertising restrictions, namely the planned revision of the Foodstuffs Ordinance (Article 14). This would allow the Swiss Federal Council to restrict the advertising of foods for children under the age of 13 if the foods do not meet specific criteria, particularly with regard to fat, salt or sugar content. This article of the law would in particular restrict the advertising of drinks containing sweeteners, regardless of whether they contain conventional sugar or sugar substitutes.

In summary, the Coca-Cola Media Talk provided a comprehensive insight into the company and its activities, from its global business model to its local impact in Switzerland. The event emphasized the importance of sustainability and innovation in the beverage industry as well as the challenges and opportunities in marketing. The exclusive video interview with Marco Manzo, Senior Manager, Marketing Frontline Activation Austria & Switzerland Coca-Cola Switzerland, delves deeper into the marketing and advertising aspects addressed in the talk (see above).

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