Which brands do the Swiss trust most?

BRANDING Consumers share their brand and product experiences with others - both good and bad. This is shown by the current study "European Trusted Brands 2014" by the media and market research company Reader's Digest. The representative study identifies the most trustworthy brands in various product categories - without a default. Nespresso is one of the most trusted brands.In Switzerland, many domestic [...]

Nespresso is one of the most trusted brands.In Switzerland, many domestic brands are at the top. These include CSS (Health Insurers), Raiffeisen (Banks), Ricola (Candy), Lindt (chocolate), Swiss Life (Life Insurance), Bico (Mattresses), Emmi (Dairy products), Coop (Gas stations), Elmex (toothpaste), Kuoni (Tour Operator), Swisscom (TV/cable network and Internet), Nespresso (coffee) and Charles Vögele (clothing). In the laundry detergents business, theMigros brand Total at the top. In previous years, the international market giants Persil and Ariel had alternated in this position. One phenomenon is the brand NiveaIn Switzerland, Nivea is number one in both the skin care and hair care categories across all fourteen years of the study. "Brand trust is a great asset for stable customer relationships," says Werner Neunzig, Managing Director of Reader's Digest Germany, Switzerland, Austria. "Credibility, transparency and reliability are the best ingredients for trust, all the more so in times when consumers can find out almost anything about a brand and the products and services behind it." Brand management and brand development require a creative flair to recognize what is really important to consumers.Poor service threatens brand changeAccording to the survey, the best quality is important to the Swiss, but so is the company's noticeable effort towards the customer. When consumers decide to switch brands, price increases often or very often play a role (50%). Even more decisive, however, is poor service (51%). When customers have a good experience, on average five other people hear about it. Bad experiences, on the other hand, reach more people. Just under a quarter of Swiss respondents (23%) even pass on bad experiences to ten or more people. Some winning brands 2014 in product categories:

  • Automobiles: VW
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: Coca Cola
  • Banks/financial service providers: Raiffeisen
  • Cold remedy: Neo Citran
  • Television/cable network provider: Swisscom
  • Photo devices: Canon
  • Breakfast cereal: Kellogg's
  • Hair care products: Nivea
  • Household/kitchen appliances: Miele
  • Skin care products: Nivea
  • Internet provider: Swisscom
  • Coffee: Nespresso
  • Health insurance companies: CSS
  • Credit cards: Mastercard
  • Life insurance: SwissLife
  • Dairy products: Emmi
  • Opticians/brands of glasses: Fielmann
  • Personal Computer: Hewlett Packard
  • Tour operator: Kuoni
  • Property insurance: The Mobiliar
  • Chocolate: Lindt

The detailed Swiss results can be found on the Internet at www.readersdigest.chAn international overview of the study is available at www.rdtrustedbrands.com

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